The Queen of Naples in her Radiant Sway, for orchestra.

Premiered by Academy of Melbourne, 2004. Perf. La Mortella, Ischia. Welsh National Youth Orchestra. 2005


A Vulgar Concordance, for orchestra. Composed for the Australian Composer Orchestral Forum and the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra, 2003.


Nyeti, Nyeti, for string orchestra. Premiered by Group 435, ECA Arts Hall, New Haven, CT, 2003.


These Walls Thy Heaven, for tenor and orchestra, on a text by John Donne.

Premiered by Stephen Wilder, New Music New Haven, 2000.


Counting the Stars from Rag Yaman-Kalyan, for orchestra.

Commissioned by Symphony Australia. Performed by Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, 1999.


Overtures to the Public, from 2 Moon Smile, for lyric soprano, mixed chorus, and orchestra. Premiered Merken Concert Hall, Ecstatic Music Festival, Orchestra for the Next Century, Cond. Gary Schneider. Feb. 2013


Pink Lycra Only Friend, from 2 Moon Smile, for lyric soprano, mixed chorus, and orchestra. Premiered Merken Concert Hall, Ecstatic Music Festival, Orchestra for the Next Century, Cond. Gary Schneider. Feb. 2013


Song of the Bees, from 2 Moon Smile, for lyric soprano, mixed chorus, and orchestra. Premiered Merken Concert Hall, Ecstatic Music Festival, Orchestra for the Next Century, Cond. Gary Schneider. Feb. 2013

Trunk Proud, for solo bassoon and strings, in 3 Movements. I Grave II Trunk Proud, III Wattle and Vine Entwined. Commissioned by Jeff Rawson. Premiered by Rachael Elliott, bassoon, and Collegium Musicum, Juelich, Germany, 2018



21 Variations for a Friend, for solo bassoon, percussion, and chamber orchestra. Commissioned by the CT Commission on the Arts, 2001. Premiered by Rachael Elliott at ECA Arts Hall, 2003.


Concerto for Viola and Chamber Orchestra. Performed by Paul McMillan and The Academy of Melbourne, 2000; premiered by Georgina Grosvenor, New Music New Haven, 1998.



The Danes of Poowong East, for Baroque Violin, Viola, and Recorders. Commissioned and Recorded by Dual Aura: Monica Schmidt Andersen, Ben Dollman, 2018

Gaps and Gorges, for string quartet. Premiered Dartmouth 2013, Brooklyn Rider String Quartet, Recorded Brooklyn Rider, “Brooklyn Rider Almanach” 2014. Commissioned by The Brooklyn Rider.


Oliver’s Wistful Ear, for bassoon and string quintet, 2012. Recorded Padma Studios.


Longifolia, for piano sextet (solo piano, 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass). Premiered in Adelaide, Australia by The Firm with The Langbein String Quartet, 2009.


Shady Gully, for solo cello, solo piano, and voice, 2008. Commissioned by Zachary Miskin and Naive Records. Recorded for Naive Records, 2009. Arrangement for piano, viola & bassoon performed in Mallacoota, Maleny & Brisbane by Rachael Elliott and Padma Newsome, 2012.


Le creature nel giardino, for 6 bass clarinets. Premiered by Sue Newsome & others, World Bass Clarinet Convention, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2005.


Bed and Rest – for Marimba, strings, and bassoon. Performed Clogs, Released Music Starts From Silence 2011.


With Eyes Cast Down, for solo bassoon, piano, harpsichord, and women's voices. Commissioned by Martha and John Elliott, 2005. Recorded by Rachael Elliott, Polka the Elk Music Starts From Silence, 2011.


Stick Music, for guitar and variable string ensemble. Premiered Galapagos Art Space, Brooklyn, NY, 2002. Recorded by Clogs, 2004. Commissioned The Dessner Family.


Quartet for Oboe and String Trio. Premiered by The Southbank Players, IDRS Conference, Monash University in Melbourne, 2004.


St Vitus Dance....All Fall Down, for clarinet and string quartet. Performed by Da Capo Chamber Players, Washington Square United Methodist Church, 2000; Hartley Concert Hall, Adelaide, 1997; and New Music New Haven, 1997. Published Australian Music Centre.


disORIENTal, for guitar, viola, bassoon, and electronics. Commissioned by Jessica Reese Dessner. Premiered at Williamsburg Arts Nexus, Brooklyn, NY, 2003.


Polka the Elk, for 2 bassoons and vibraphone/percussion. Commissioned with support from the Vermont Arts Council and the National Endowment for the Arts. Premiered by Janet Polk and Rachael Elliott, bassoons and Thomas Kozumplik, vibraphone, Lyndon Center, Vermont, 2001. Recorded on Polka the Elk, Music Starts From Silence, 2011.


Castabout, for viola, bassoon, guitar, and percussion. Commissioned by Alan Good Dance. Premiered at Conwell Theatre, Temple University, Philadelphia, PA, 2001. Subsequent performances at LaGuardia High School, New York City, 2001.


Counting the Stars from Rag Yaman-Kalyan, for guitar duo, 2002.


Soliloquy at Oceanworld Aquarium, for violin and soprano. Text by Chris Mooney.

Commissioned and performed by Lights New Music Ensemble, Elder Hall, Adelaide, 1997.


Excavation, Last Days of Mankind, Karl Kraus, songs, dance, and incidental music. Performed by Kidney Art Ensemble, Adelaide Festival, 1996.



Unattended Shadow, for solo harmonium. 2012. Recorded Padma Studios. 2011.


Chromatic Mirror, for solo xylophone, 2010. Commissioned by the Cross-Linx Festival. Premiered by Arnold Marinissen, 17-20 February 2011, Utrecht, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam.


le creature nel giardino di Lady Walton – Bass clarinet sextet. Premiered World Bass Clarinet Convention, Rotterdam 2005. Commissioned Sue Newsome.


Tides of Washington Bridge, for solo piano, 2005. Commissioned & published: Faber and Faber.


4 Tales from Mangrove Mountain, for solo marimba and computer. Commissioned by Robert Esler. Audio and computer design by Nick Lloyd. Premiered by Robert Esler at UMass-Amherst, 2002. Subsequent performances at Interfaced Culture: Part A, Yale University; and Festival Internacional de Percusiones, Mexico, 2002.


A Man/Woman Looks in the Mirror, for solo guitar. Premiered by Bryce Dessner, New York Guitar Festival, New York City, 2002. Subsequent performances by Mr. Dessner at Bowdoin Summer Music Festival, 2003; Darwin Guitar Festival by Geoffrey Morris. Private commission, 2001. Published by Australian Music Centre.


Bad Manners in Good Company. Translations and extensions of 16th century Mannerist madrigals for solo guitar. Si ch'io vorrei morire from the 4th Book of Madrigals by Claudio Monteverdi; Ivan Dunque and Languisce al fin chi de la vita parte, from the 4th and 5th Books of Madrigals by Carlo Gesualdo. Premiered by Bryce Dessner, New York Guitar Festival, 2002. Private commission, 2001.


My Eyes are Tears, for solo cello. Commissioned by Alistair MacRae. Premiered Weill Hall, Carnegie Hall, New York City, 2001. Published Australian Music Centre. Viola transcription also available.


My "Mister Neverending Bliss", for solo violin and sound tracks. Commissioned by Rachel Segal. Premiered by Rachel Segal, New Music New Haven, 1999. Subsequent performances by Gemini Duo, 1999; Locrian Chamber Players, 2000; and Jennifer Choi, 2003.


By Silence, for solo viola and interactive computer using MaxMSP Software. Commissioned by Australia Council for the Arts. Premiered by Georgina Grosvenor, Morse Recital Hall, New Haven, CT, 2000. Subsequent performances by Clogs at Lyndon Institute, Lyndon Center, VT, 2000; and at Makor, New York City, 2001.


Adityanam, for solo bass clarinet and audio. Performed by Evan Ziporyn, Yale University, 2000; Sue Newsome, Eugene Goossens Hall, Sydney, 1999.


Nobody Owns the Rain, for solo piano. Premiered by Colin Spears, Elder Hall, Adelaide, 1996.




Unattended Shadow, Three songs for mixed ensemble and children's choir

For viola, bassoon, marimba, guitars, mandola, male vocal, SAA choir. Commissioned by The Manhattan Project and Kaufman Center, 2011. Premiered by Clogs and the Brooklyn Youth Choir, 12 March 2011, Merkin Hall, Kaufman Center, New York City.


Unattended Shadow

text by Susannah Keebler, music by Padma Newsome

for solo viola and SSA choir

It goes right through

text and music by Padma Newsome

for mandola, electric guitar, bassoon, marimba, bass drum, male voice, SSA choir

Dog Pooh Corner in Seattle

text and music by Padma Newsome

for mandola, acoustic guitar, bassoon, marimba, male voice, SSA choir


Mallacoota, for singer and cabaret ensemble. Commissioned by Daniel Hélin, 2008. Daniel Hélin and Padma Newsome, co-writers. Released by Microsillon, 2010.

  • Le dragon

  • Almanach

  • Oisillon

  • Festival rock

  • Jailhouse rock

  • Salut l'agent!

  • Ouistiti

  • Cupidon

  • Begging

  • Ici et maintenant

  • Sirènes

  • Kid


Three Sisters, for mixed choir, girl soloists, orchestra, wind band (pre-recorded), computer performers. Commissioned and premiered by the Educational Center for the Arts, Arts Hall, New Haven, CT, 2003.

I'm Very Sad, for solo guitar and string orchestra. Premiered by Bryce Dessner and Group 435, ECA Arts Hall, 2003.

Opposition, for choir, wind band, prepared guitars, and percussion. Commissioned and premiered by the ECA, 2002.

Poems, hung in trees, for mixed choir, wind trio, percussion, guitar. Commissioned by the ECA, New Haven, CT. Performed at International Festival of Arts and Ideas, New Haven, CT, 2001.



Excavations: Last Days of Mankind: Dir. Michael Kantor. Choreography – Jenn Havelberg, and Xiao-Xiong Zhang.  Perf. Vision Warehouse, Hindmarsh, Adelaide Festival 1996.

disORIENTal, for guitar, viola, bassoon, and electronics. Commissioned by Jessica Reese Dessner. Premiered at Williamsburg Arts Nexus, Brooklyn, NY, 2003.

Disintegration, for dance. Commissioned by Susan Matheke, 2003. Perf. ECA. New Haven. 2003.

Elevenses. for Dance. Commissioned by Susan Matheke, 2003. Perf. ECA. New Haven. 2003.


OPERA and Musical Theatre

2 Moon Smile.  Full length musical theater. Text and music, musical dir. & Padma Newsome.

Premiered Rochester Chamber Society, Rochester Federated Church, VT April 7, and York Street Meeting House, April 8. Perf. by The Heliand Consort, Clogs, Mary Bonhag, soprano, Padma Newsome, baritone, chor. by Susannah Keebler, w/Clare Byrne: dance and voice. April 2017.

  • * Part 1: Narration

  • * overtures to the public

  • * Smiling Moon (Part A)

  • * The wise speak once

  • * The theory of beautiful positive magical people

  • * Suite I & III- dance

  • * Aside: prelude to “On the Grass”

  • * on the grass

  • * grey leaf

  • * Part 2: Narration

  • * Pink Lycra Only Friend

  • * I stole this rhythmaudience sing

  • * Th’establishment

  • * Noise and Chaos – audience dance

  • Interval

  • * Part 3: Narration

  • * bees eat knees - audience dance and sing

  • * Crickleback Mountain

  • * song of the bees audience sing

  • * I’m all skinned out

  • * Suite II - dance

  • * Part 4: Narration

  • * modus ad Parnassum

  • * towards 8:9 and out dance

  • * Smiling Moon (Part B)

  • Smiling Moon – for soprano, piano, bassoon, and Bb clarinet. Commissioned Heliand Consort, premiered First Congregational Church, Lyndonville, 2015.

  • Suite I, II, III, - for woodwind quintet. Commissioned Heliand Ensemble, premiered andperformed on the Ancient Airs and Tropical Dances Tour, VT July, 2014.

  • 3 Shadow Guard Arias – Song of the Bees, I’m All Skinned Out, and Lavender Air. Commissioned by Sue Newsome. Premiered by Sue Newsome, David Hallowell, Michael


Alma – dir. Frank Ford. Music by Padma Newsome, Graeme Dudley, Quentin Grant. and David Kotlowi. Perf. The Kidney Art Ensemble. Barossa Music Festival 1997.



Eagle Eyes the Distance, for piano, voice, and violins. Recorded Padma Studios: 2019.

The Vanity of Trees, recorded at Padma Studios, 2017/18.

1* and the birds in the trees say…

2* Trees to Meet You

3* Trunk Proud

4* Wattle and Vine Entwined

5* The Vanity of Trees

6* Fell off my Perch

7* Cloud Theory

8* Ten Men went to tell a man…

9* Tacky Parlour

10* All Hollowed Out

Koala Bear Song, with Susannah Keebler, recorded at Padma Studios, 2010.

Uke Fears, for temples canarios, viola, organ, mandola. Padma Studios, 2011.

The Greatest Song, guitar, viola, voice. Padma Studios, 2011.

Fears and Friends, guitar, piano, voice. Premiered at the Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion by Rachael Elliott, Susannah Keebler, Padma Newsome, 2012.

The World Loves Me, tenor ukulele and voice. Premiered at the Mallacoota Mudbrick Pavilion, 2012. Recorded Padma Studios 2012. Released 2013 Brassland Records

The Sundown Song, for choir, tenor ukulele, bass, mandolin. Recorded by the Mallacoota Community Choir, Padma Studios, 2011. Released 2013, Brassland Records

A Hobson’s Choice. lutes, strings, voice, keys. Padma Studios, 2012.  Released 2013 Brassland Records

Nothing Comes My Way, guitar, violin, organ, voice. Padma Studios, 2011.

goyeep, goyeep. Text Lisa Kennedy, translation by Faye Stewart-Muir in Boonwurrung. Composed, commissioned, and performed for the 2015, Shearwater Festival, Phillip Island.

I am the water – sung before “goyeep, goyeep” words and music Padma Newsome. Composed, commissioned, and performed for the 2015, Shearwater Festival, Phillip Island.

Echo and Narciussus – violin, voice, gtrs. Padma Studios, 2011.



improvising violin/viola/mandola, bassoon, guitar, percussion

The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton, 2010

  • Cocodrillo (for solo mixed voices)

  • I Used to Do

  • On the Edge (with solo voice)

  • Red Seas (with mixed ensemble, solo voice)

  • The Owl of Love (with viola da gambas, theorbo and solo voice) Adages of Cleansing (with mixed ensemble, solo voice)

  • Last Song (with clarinet and solo voice)

  • To Hugo

  • Raise the Flag (solo violins and choir)

  • We Were Here (with mixed voices)

Lantern, 2006

  • 2:3:5

  • Five Four (co-composed Bryce Dessner)

  • The song of the cricket as he imagines it, himself

  • Death and the Maiden

  • Lantern

  • The Tides of Washington Bridge

  • Voisins

  • The Tides of Washington Bridge (solo piano)

Stick Music, 2004

  • Ananda Lahari

  • Pencil Stick

  • Sticks and Nails

  • Beating Stick

  • Lady Go

  • River Stick

  • My "Mister Neverending Bliss"

  • Witch Stick

  • Pitasi (co-composed Dessner)

Lullaby for Sue, 2003

  • Who's Down Now

  • Scratched by the Briar Patch

  • A Gentler We (co-composed Dessner, commissioned Alan Good Dance, 2001)

  • Lullaby for Sue

  • Turtle Soup

  • Castabout, Sections 1-6 (commissioned Alan Good Dance, 2001)

  • Swarms (co-composed Dessner)

Thom's Night Out, 2001

  • Yeri Ali

  • Mysteries of Life

  • Sadness and Obsession

  • I'm Very Sad

  • My Husband's Village

  • Thom's Night Out

Other Clogs' Titles

  • Bed and Rest, for guitar and bassoon. Recorded on Polka the Elk, 2011.

  • Mangrove Mountain Dreams

  • Simple People



  • The Vanity of Trees - 2018 - New Amsterdam Records

  • le creature nel giardino di Lady Walton - 2018 - New Amsterdam Records, EP.

The National

  • High Violet- 2010 - 4AD

  • Boxer - 2007 - Beggars Banquet Records

  • Alligator – 2005 - Beggars Banquet Records

  • Cherry Tree – 2004 - Self Release.

  • Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers – 2003 - Talitres

Clogs (Brassland Records)

  • The Sundown Song EP - 2013

  • The Creatures in the Garden of Lady Walton - 2010

  • Veil Waltz EP - 2010

  • Lantern - 2006

  • Stick Music - 2004

  • Lullaby for Sue - 2003

  • Thom’s Night Out - 2001

Dual Aura - Ben Dollman and Monica Schmidt-Andersen

Traveller’s Tales (2019 Including Tracks from “The Danes of Poowong East” (2018)

Sarah Kirkland Snider

Unremembered – 2015 – New Amsterdam Records. Solo baritone. 

Jennifer Choi

  • Violectrica – 2009 –Self Released.

  • “My Mister Neverending Bliss”, by Padma Newsome

Rachael Elliott

  • Polka the Elk – 2016 – Label: Music Starts From Silence

  • “With Eyes Cast Down”, “Polka the Elk”, and “Bed and Rest” by Padma Newsome

Daniel Helin/Padma Newsome

  • Mallacoota – 2010 – Label: Danses du possible.

Zachary Miskin

  • For Your Safety – 2011 -Naive

  • “Shady Gully” by Padma Newsome.

The Devastations

  • Coal – 2006 – Brassland Records. Orchestration and strings.

Paper Beat Scissors

Tendrils – 2011 – Self Release.  Padma Newsome - solo violin.

Brooklyn Rider

  • The Brooklyn Rider Almanac – String Quartet – 2014 –Mercury Classics

  • Padma Newsome, String Quartet, Simpson’s Gap from “Gaps and Gorges”


  • Turn the River – Dir. Chris Eigeman (2007) w/Bryce Dessner: composer, musican.

  • Colony – Fastnet Films (2009) Composer, musician.

  • Bully – Dir. Lee Hirsh (2011) “Kapsburger”

  • Faster – Dir. George Tillman Jr. (2010) “Bloodbuzz Ohio” Composer, musician.

  • Mistaken for Strangers – Dir. Tom Berninger (2014) Himself, composer, musician.


  • Trees to Meet You - Video by Susannah Keebler. (2018) Music Video

  • A Skin a Night – Feat. The National. Dir. Vincent Moon (2008). Himself, musician.

  • Lantern.- Feat. Clogs. Film by Mathieu Saura, Gaspard Claus. (2008) Himself, composer, musician.

  • Last Song - Clogs. (2010) Music Video

  • The Sundown Song - Clogs. Dir. Rupert Shanks. (2013) Music Video